Pump Stations

The Malvern Range of Compact Pump Systems for Wastewater Applications

New for 2008, Klargester's renowned HillMaster range is joined by the Malvern series of compact pump stations.


Pump Station Specification Table

Installation & Operation

The access neck and cover are universally adjustable in height and can be rotated to allow easy alignment with flooring and landscaping design, independent of the inflow or discharge line directions.

A protective cover for the access neck is supplied for use during installation to prevent backfill from damaging the access cover.

Access neck extension piece is available as part of the package to facilitate a further 150mm inlet depth if required.

Compact Pumps

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Designed for rapid installation, the chambers provide simple and speedy dewatering of buildings and areas below the sewer level and are suitable for pumping wastewater in accordance with DIN/EN 12056.


  • Outbuildings and extensions
  • Cellars
  • External WCs
  • Pool houses

Chambers are suitable for effluent and sewage dependent on pump specification, required distance and lift.


  • Ready for simple and immediate installation
  • Fully adjustable for height and floor level alignment
  • Non-return valves as standard
  • Protective cover for protection during installation
  • Manufactured from tough polyethylene
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Outlet pipe compression fittings as standard

Sewage Pump Performance

Chamber A (40mm solids handling)

Sewage Pump Station Performance Chamber A

Effluent Pump Performance

Effluent Pump Performance


All Malvern systems consist of a polyethylene chamber fitted with a quality pump, float switch, non-return valves, pedestrian duty cover and frame, cover plate and all connections.

A Range of Waste Water and Sewage Package Pump Systems and Pumping Stations for Residential & Commercial Developments


HillMaster Wasewater Sewage Package & Pump Systems

 HillMaster Pump Station

Developments where foul drainage by gravity is not possible, including:

  • Domestic sewage pumping
  • Effluent pumpsets for sewage treatment plants
  • Surface water pumping systems
  • Septic tank pumpsets
  • 24 hour storage chambers
  • Bespoke systems 



  • Complete package systems delivered direct to site
  • Ready for immediate and simple installation
  • Factory built and quality assured
  • Maintenance free GRP and polyethylene chambers
  • High-level alarm fitted as standard
  • Full Klargester after sales maintenance available


All standard Klargester package pump systems are supplied with GRP/polyethylene chambers, pump(s), high-level alarm, pre-set automatic level control, non-return valve, discharge pipe and all connections.


  • Wide range of emergency overflow tanks
  • 110mm or 160mm inlet connections
  • Various invert depths
  • Standby replacement pumps

Bespoke Systems

Klargester manufactures pumping chambers of various diameter and depths, with pumps, guide rails and control equipment fitted as per the client’s specification. 

Please contact us direct and we will be pleased to quote against your specific requirements.


The information in this sales literature is, by necessity, brief. For more detailed technical literature and drawings regarding applications, installation, maintenance or specific options, please contact Klargester. We have both internal and field sales staff who will be pleased to assist.

See Legislations for more information regarding regulations.


Klargester package pump systems are designed for minimum maintenance.

Klargester offers a full after sales service involving planned maintenance visits on the U.K. mainland.

Legal Requirements

Prior to installation, there is a legal requirement to obtain permission from the appropriate agencies (including connection to a public sewer).

Delivery & Installation

Units are normally delivered by flat bed vehicle and cranage facilities should be available on-site for off loading. Installation is quick and economical, the unit requiring only a concrete base and surround.

Comprehensive installation instructions are supplied with every unit.

24hr Storage to Meet Building Regulations

The Klargester HillMaster24 pump station range has been designed in accordance with Building Regulations Document H1 Foul Drainage, page 16. (Pumping Installations) Section 2.39. This states:

"Where foul drainage from a building is to be pumped, the effluent receiving chamber should be sized to contain 24 hour inflow to allow for disruption in service. The minimum daily discharge of foul drainage should be taken as 150 litres per head per day for domestic use.
For other types of building, the capacity of the receiving chamber should be based on the calculated daily demand of the water intake for the building. Where only a proportion of the foul sewage is to be pumped, then the capacity should be based pro-rata. In all pumped systems the controls should be so arranged to optimise pump operation. The required 150 litres per head per day volume should reflect the storage volume in the station pump or
station and overflow tanks."

Product Range



The HillMaster range offers a competitive solution to the pumping requirements of both domestic and industrial applications. Often it can be preferable to keep civil work and installation costs down to a minimum but such economy should not mean any shortfall in quality.

The Chiltern range is manufactured in tough polyethylene using advanced rotational-moulding technology, while the Pennine, Cairngorm and Mendip ranges are made from maintenance-free GRP. All units are engineered with the highest quality parts and fittings.

  • High-level alarm as standard (optional as marked *)
  • Various invert depths
  • Internal lifting chains and guiderails (as specified)
  • Wide range of pump options including grinders/macerators
  • Pedestrian/vehicle covers

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The HillMaster24 range has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of Building Regulations Document H1 Foul Drainage. This regulation recognises the need for pump stations to have a 24hr storage capacity in case of a disruption in service (such as a power failure).

This comprehensive range offers an advanced solution to larger domestic and industrial applications. For large-capacity flows (such as stormwater run-off from hard-standing areas), horizontal holding chambers are available in a comprehensive range of sizes.

  • High-level alarm fitted as standard
  • Various invert depths
  • Internal lifting chains and guiderails fitted as standard
  • Wide range of pump options including grinders/macerators
  • Combined chamber capacity up to 90,000 litres
  • Pumping distances up to 1000 metres
  • Pedestrian/vehicle covers

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Effluent Pumpsets

A septic tank or treatment system pumpset can be used to disperse settled effluent when a site has a high water table or adverse invert levels. Installed after the septic tank or treatment system and pumping settled effluent up to an inspection chamber, flow to the drainage system then takes place by gravity in the normal way.

Effluent Pumpsets

Domestic Sewage Pumpsets

If the main sewer is accessible but at a higher level to (or some distance from) the domestic foul drain, then a domestic sewage pumpset may be used to pump unsettled sewage directly to the main. Whilst single pump units are acceptable for individual houses, it is recommended that twin pumping systems be used for multiple dwellings.

Domestic Sewage Pumpsets

Surface Water Pumpsets

Due to the amount of rainwater that can fall in a short time period, Surface Water run-off is often the most demanding of all applications, whether hard-standing or roof areas.

Klargester offers a comprehensive range of packaged pump systems in both standard form or manufactured to bespoke specifications. Careful calculation of the run-off areas is essential when sizing these pump systems.



Key Points to Consider

Firstly, don’t worry. Klargester have a team of pump experts on hand to advise you on the correct product for your site. All we need from you is information on key factors such as:

  • Application: e.g domestic residential / commercial
  • Sewage, Effluent or Surface water?  
  • Inlet depth (below ground level)  
  • Pumping distance + lift  
  • Electrical supply    

Simply give us a ring or 

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to download our Package Pumps Enquiry form. This form will guide you on what measurements you will need and any additional data. Once completed, phone, email, fax or post it back to us and our team will provide you with a solution.

Pumpset Diagram