Wastewater Treatment Plants - The Conclusion

Domestic Wastewater Treatment Plants in France – Comparison Conclusions

When comparing WWTP’s for your property in France, or deciding whether to fit a septic tank, fosse septic or fosse septique system with a sand filter, you must realise the new fosse septique regulations in France are imminent.

Firstly you need to decide what you want to fit and currently in France, you will often be encouraged by the local Mairie to install a wastewater treatment system based around a fosse septique, the problems being that:

1) You are almost certainly going to install something to rules that are already over ten years old, and just about to be replaced.
2) These traditional fosse septic based systems should be maintained twice a year and tend to cause all manner of odour problems in your average garden.
3) A sand filter will probably need replacing within ten years at a cost higher than its original installation.
4) You will have to pay circa 400 euros for an "etude de sol" in France an added expense you can avoid by fitting CE FR EN 12566-3 certified wastewater treatment systems.

Secondly, if you take the informed choice to fit compact domestic wastewater treatment plants in France this may seem complicated, but the essential points for choosing a new off-mains sewage system are:

1) Choose from an established WWTP manufacturer in this industry selling Europe wide.
2) Choose from a company with a credible written warranty, and holding spares stock in France.
3) Choose one that doesn’t just rely on simple blown air, or fixed, internal, static submerged media due to a lack of treatment stability, risk of silting up and risk of pollution in variable use - especially for holiday home applications.
4) Only consider domestic CE FR EN 12566-3 certified wastewater treatment plants in France (and always request a copy of the test certificate to be certain – to see what a CE FR EN 12566-3 test certificate should look like click here
5) Choose the best compromise of quality and price for your application, and if unsure, talk to an expert in France in wastewater treatment technology with an extensive range of different wastewater treatment plants to choose from and who can advise you accordingly. Obviously any company only selling one make and model will make every effort to say theirs is “the best”, but this will depend precisely on where and how it is being installed.

When you consider that high quality and modern compact domestic wastewater treatment plants in France CE tested, certified and marked to Normes de France standards NF FR EN 12566 – 3 are available for a three bed property delivered to site, ready to install from only €2995 euros ht, or come fully installed from only €3995 euros ht – which is around the normal price for the cheapest smelly old fosse septique installation and considerably cheaper than any sand filter installation – why would you want to choose anything else?

For your personalised quotation and individual advice regarding the best options for your installation of domestic wastewater sewage treatment plants in France – click here